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Leaving Dogs in a parked car is dangerous 

A lot of times, people take their dogs with them places and almost always do they leave there dogs in a parked car with either windows cracked or fully up. People in society don’t realize how dangerous it is to leave a dog in a car for even a second… people don’t realize how hot cars can get in under 5 mins. 

If the weather outside is at least 75 degrees, that means that the inside of the car is 94 degrees in 10 mins. Even if your parked in shade with the windows cracked. Dogs get heated very quickly and can develop brain damage and heat strokes. 

This subject is so touchy to me because, I disagree with the individuals who think it’s okay to leave their pets in a car. People are really un educated on how leaving pets in a car can due damage to the dog. People love taking their animals everywhere; which is perfectly fine, but when you decide to leave them in in the car, is the moment you should take a step back, think rationally, and make the choice to leave your dog at home…where they’ll be better off, Especially on really hot days. 

I feel it’s important that we spread this information to people around us, along with our loved ones. So we can all take action as a society to make the world better, by having a voice and speaking up; when it comes to doing what’s rights for our animals. We need to be the voice for our animals in the world. 

As a side note, in a 95 degree weather outside, I decided to sit in my car at the beach with the windows all down, in about 10 mins; my whole body temperature heated up and I started to sweat excessively. Drops of sweat literally coming down my face. I know gross.. but this goes to show, that when a dog is in a parked car with the windows cracked; he/she is feeling a lot worse then I did. And I had all my windows down! This is unsafe and heartbreaking! 

Please speak up if you ever see this happen.. those animals need a voice! 

Call the manager of the place where it’s taking place, animal control or 911. 

Make a difference in the world! 

It starts with one voice. 🐶❤️❤️❤️

Mind Over Matter 

Today, I am going to talk about law of attraction. As many of you know law of attraction works in many ways and very efficiently; If you believe that it can. 

I came across law of attraction about 2 years ago, during an even worse matter in my life. And to this day I still use it. Law of attraction can help you achieve goals in your life. By really thinking and meditating on what you need. Every morning, I take a litttle bit of time to journal about the things I am grateful for. I also like to mediate and focus on my goals and what I want to aspire. And you can too, all you have to do is believe in the power of the law of attraction. And you can too, can create your life to what you deserve. 
I trust and hope that everyone is having a great weekend! 

Peace and love always.

Discover ways to work from home

Working a full time job isn’t always what most people think. It’s stressful and long. Barley enough time for family time. I currently am in the medical field, and regret it almost everyday. My Everydays are based around the job and the stress that comes from it. I research a lot as to how to work from home, weather that be online or selling products for a business. 

I have come to discover a few ways to make money from home; which are not impossible, But rather difficult to start. 

I honestly believe, that life shouldn’t be about working working working. But more about being with family and doing the things you love. 

I don’t feel we should wait till retirement, until the day we get to rest and do the things we want to do. Because at that point, it might be too late, or you won’t even have enough funds to retire. Life is stressful and unfair. But I believe there has to be another way to go about these things. 

If tomorrow was my last day on earth, I would honestly have to say that I regret my life currently. Working a 9-5 job that makes me un happy. A job where I’m at more then my own home. 

It’s just unfortunate I guess..

Life 🌎

Life is stressful, they say life should be an experience; a good one. But my life has taken me through ups and down, just like everyone else here on earth. We all have our insecurities and problems, but it’s how you handle the problems and situations. I myself, am still learning to cope with certain situations( it’s real tough.) I battle through insecuritys and trust issues all the time, it seems as if the people in my love relationship life come into my life and try to hurt me, or make me feel as if I am just not enough. Idk. Life’s tough, complicated, hard and lonely. I for one, am stuck in my body with problems that don’t seem to resolve or improve.